The Best Free Python IDE for Linux?

For a while, ive been using python, and since i only use Linux, ive been using it on my OS of Choice. Now, python code can be written in anything from minimalistic editors like nano, to full fledged IDEs. I prefer the functionality of an IDE over the resource friendliness of the nano like stuff. I have tried the following IDEs:

1) IDLE:- Bundled in with most python distributions on Linux, or can be easily installed from the package tool of the Distro. Simple and does the job, but i miss a lot of things in it. Code completion is at best silly, there is no class browser (AFAIKS) and running GUI apps can become troublesome, with crashes and glitches

2) SPE: Perhaps the best free one around, it has extensive integration with wxPython Related tools. Menu shortcuts for wxGlade, and good code intellisense. One of the problems i had with this IDE was that i couldnt find a python 2.6 intellisense plugin. Maybe one exists but i didnt find it.

3) KOMODO EDIT:- Komodo is a full fledged development Environment, and komodo edit is its free version. YOu can get it from the activestate website.

and by default it has support only till python 2.5. To add support for 2.6 visit this webpage and follow the instructions

Now you will have komodo edit and autocomplete as well. If you want to run a written program, you can press Ctrl+R and then set the path accordingly. In general write

python %F

Hope you have a good time editing with komodo edit

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12 Responses to “The Best Free Python IDE for Linux?”

  1. Huib Piguillet Says:

    I have used Pydev for all my python programming this year. It is a plugin for Eclipse, and since I already used that for java stuff, it was easy for me to get used to it.

    It has quite some nice features, like code completion (which works better in the non-free version, but quite useful in the free version) and pylint integration.

    I didn’t try out SPE and komodo very thoroughly so I have no idea how these IDEs compare to Pydev.

    It can be downloaded just from within Eclipse using the update system, the url is:

  2. apocalipso Says:

    For python i use Geany 🙂

  3. Abhishek Says:

    Just my experience – after using IDLE, PyDev (for 30 mins), gedit (a lot), vim/gvim and Kate, i’ve been sticking to Kate mostly these days 🙂

  4. Fracta Says:

    Has anyone used code::blocks with python? thats got to be my favorite ide EVER, but it needs some screwing with to do python. Is there anything similar for python?

  5. Tomas Says:

    SPE was great, thanks! 🙂

  6. Linh Says:

    I use Geany also. 🙂

  7. thefish Says:

    VIM + ctags-exhuberant + indexer + Python syntax + NERDTree + snipMate + syntastic.
    Makes together lightweight and powerful IDE, if you can bear VIM-style editing.

    • Soumen Says:

      Thats the whole point here… I cant 😦 Copying and pasting is slow, everything kinda gets on my nerves after a bit..

  8. Bill Says:

    In Linux, I use either IDLE or Gedit. In Windows, I use either IDLE or Notepad++.

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  11. summer internship Says:

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