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Why I Like Flock

May 17, 2009

Okay, so ive done the thing…. Switched browsers….. As it happens, moving from firefox to flock isnt very complicated, since its really one and the same thing. Here are some of my reasons:-
1) As far as i have seen, flock seems to take as much as 100 Mb less than firefox 3.0.10
2) The default interface is cute, and the colours used are quite beautiful. In particular, i like the use of    orange. Reminds me of those days when I used to use ubuntu.
3) The Blog Editor:- Ive been considering seriously blogging again, and waiting for wordpress’s slow web interface to load isnt the best wake up call to the sleeping blogger in me.
4) My World:- While it is possible to make up for it in this that and the other way in firefox itself, I really like the integration of everything into one good page. Bravo!

Some Glitches:-
1) I have seen that the Twitter client is really minimalistic. So far as i can see, it does not have a quick way of issuing replies or directs. Does not bother me much since i use TwitterGadget inside gmail using Labs, but i can picture a few people lifting their eyebrows on the matter.
2) The default search is yahoo, and while ive tried some things, but having changed the default search engine to Google, on typing in the address bar, it still uses Yahoo! I wonder why this glitch exists? Is there a secret that the best search engine on the internet is Google?

Extremely Satisfactory (9/10)


My Setup

April 27, 2008

Hello! I tink it is time to Update on my setup. I have an HP6515b Laptop and very few brains… With these limited resources i spend time having fun with my computer and enjoying life in general. My comp. is a real problem though.. Half the things on it were not supported on Linux, my favorite OS until recently leading to myself spending a lot of time thinking of workarounds to get simple stuff like internet working… All that has changed with the latest and (arguably) best from linux’s stable of OSes Hardy Heron. It brings integrated hardware support to my computer making it easy to setup and fun to use.