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Fingerprint sensor in linux(debian and such like) (HP6515b)

June 14, 2008

this is it- the fingerprint sensor on my linux is working (and it will work on urs too if it is a debian based system)

I followed this walkthrough:

There still are some issues i outline them for others to solve (i’m also working on them)

1) Segmentaion fault:- Occurs on multiple sudos. after logging on open a terminal and write

sudo gedit

it says

scan yur finger

do it

It opens gedit as root(u can save a text file in gedit or edit the config files in /etc)

now close the gedit window

and type again

sudo gedit

it should say

scan ur finger

but it says

segmentation fault

2)gksu (no visuals) again after logging on open synaptic through the menus and …..

(Nothing happens)

u just see a revolving cursor now just scan ur finger..

u see


So thats the point no visual prompt

Also a suggestion some login themes are incmplete that is they have no message boards so i suggest using happy gnome with browser so u wont have to keep typing the username plus u can see what is happening.

happy swiping and feel free to post comments…..


My Setup

April 27, 2008

Hello! I tink it is time to Update on my setup. I have an HP6515b Laptop and very few brains… With these limited resources i spend time having fun with my computer and enjoying life in general. My comp. is a real problem though.. Half the things on it were not supported on Linux, my favorite OS until recently leading to myself spending a lot of time thinking of workarounds to get simple stuff like internet working… All that has changed with the latest and (arguably) best from linux’s stable of OSes Hardy Heron. It brings integrated hardware support to my computer making it easy to setup and fun to use.